You ought to understand that Revenue has advanced indicative contraptions to distinguish and handle taxpayers using tax avoidance structures. Income will continually investigate and challenge Tax Avoidance Cases in India and will discuss cases up to the High Court, Court of Appeal and, or the Supreme Court, if crucial.In the event that you go into a Tax Avoidance Cases in India you are conceivably exposing yourself to essential expenses consistently more prominent than the potential tax advantage. You ought to in like way think about the interruption caused by the inevitable Revenue enquiries, potential suit and delayed uncertainty about the result.Income will examine any course of action to determine paying little mind to whether the game plan agrees to the material tax arrange under first principles, outside of the General Anti-Avoidance Rule (GAAR). It ought to be seen that titanic amounts of these inconveniences are effective, with the outcome that you will be found to have displayed an incorrect tax return, subsequently attracting a discipline ranging from 3% to 100%.