Wanna learn how to be successful ?Go here www.YesMoses.comIn this video, I will like to talk to you about the 3 things that prevent people from being successful.Many people dream of becoming successful either in business or in life as a whole. Successful do things in a certain and so anyone wanting to walk the path of success must find a person who has achieved what he or she is looking for and then emulate that person and you will achieve success.This may involve you getting a life coach in the field of endeavor.Also what most people forget is that , there will be obstacles to overcome on our way to success. but most people will either quit , back off or even make excuses as soon as they face their very first obstacle. That is why only 5% of people in the whole world have achieved success.Hopefully you have enjoyed my video on the 3 things that prevent people from being successful.Work with me personally http://www.YesMoses.comConnect With Me on Facebook Here:https://www.facebook.com/drmpfraser/Visit my blog : http://DrPatrickFraser.comhttps://youtu.be/ofVNXx3DuxA