The term “coffee” is known by many names among various people around the world. Coffee It came to England in 1598, via the Italian “caffe.” The Turkish term for it is “kahveh,” while the Arabic word for it is “qahwa.” The coffee origin is still unknown, although some believe that the drink possibly came from the Kaffa region in Ethopia, where the plant originally named “bunna,” the precursor of coffee, came from. Did you know that drinking of coffee was outlawed in Mecca back in 1511, and in Cairo in 1532.Due to coffee’s immense popularity, the law was made obsolete soon after. From then on, owing to the pioneering efforts of the Dutch and British East India companies, coffee found its way to Europe in the XVI century.One of the two main species of the coffee plant is “Coffea Arabica”.Its name implying that its origin was the Arabian Peninsula, but it is indigenous in Ethiopia. Although Arabica is more prone to disease, coffee lovers consider it to be more flavorful than Robusta(coffea canephora), which holds twice as much caffeine