The voice in our head, it can be a great a advisor or the creator of all our problems. And altough it has good traits, it is better to deal with the inner critic than being a slave of it.The inner critic is a newer name for The Super Ego that Sigmund Freud disribed in the past. It got this name because psychology discovered that there are more sub egos than just the 3 that Sigmund discribed.Start seeing the voice:The first to silence to inner critic is to start seeing him. Most of the the people on earth dont even know that the inner dialogue is not even theirs. They think that they are thinking, altough they dont even have to control to stop it. If it was you, then you would be able to stop it right? And if you cant stop it, who is listening to it then? Thats you!How do we start seeing the inner critic?There are 2 effective way to do it:1. What is the voice saying?This question you have to ask yourself during the day, this question is meant to make you concious. To slowly see that the voice is speaking.2. Meditation:This is good to see that you are not in control. You will see that if you try to sit down for 10 minutes, that the inner critic will start object