l up and up anendless span of chest. Up, up, Mens On Feet Nike Air Jordan XXX 30 Black White Basketball Sneakersup, until my eyes finally land on a hardface with a clenched jaw.I blow my Mens On Feet Nike Air Jordan XXX 30 Navy White Basketball Sneakershair out of my face, tryingto get a better look at him. Jesus. Hersquo;s hot in thatoh-my-God-he-could-crush-me way. ens On Feet Nike Air Jordan XXX 30 Red Black Basketball SneakersWait, is that hot?Itrsquo;s then Irealize he has his hands locked on my shoulders, holding me in place. Ilikely would have landed on my as hard as I ran into him if hehadnrsquo;t grabbed me. My body presses against his, and I watch his nostrilsflare as he takes a deep breath, like hersquo;s breathing me in.His arms release me, and one hand goes to the glasses on my face, f